Band of Support

Did you know that the majority of bra support comes from the band?

Getting your band firm is the game changer to being able to wear bralettes all day long.  Even better, if you can get longline bralettes, with a firm band then you are on to a winner.

Most people think that the support comes from the underwire in your bra.  What if I told you that the underwire was actually there to assist with shape, not support?  Do you even need shape or are your breasts nice and full and stand on their own?   Underwire can be uncomfortable and when you have augmented breasts, really difficult to find bras with wires that actually fit your new shape.  The underwire is either too long, or it digs in.  Sah annoying!  They are more uncomfortable than ever now!

If the penny has now dropped and you have just realised that the world of bralettes has been opened up to you, then babes you are in the right place.  

This bralette is a staple piece.   The longline band offers firm support and the gorgeous lace design is to die for!

This one is currently sold out.


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